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    Surface Disinfectant Spray

    Micro Sana Surface Disinfectant Spray, 700 ml

    Micro Sana is a broad spectrum biocide, it's safe and at the same time highly effective. The main active matter in Micro Sana is a powerful element which destroys all types of bacteria, viral particles, fungi and other microorganisms.
    KD 1.400
    Sana - Surface Sanitizer


    Ready to use fast acting Anti-Virus and Anti-Bacterial Surface Sanitizer spray
    KD 4.700
    Sana - Surface Sanitizer

    Micro Sana Surface Sanitizer, Concentrated Disinfectant Solution, 4L

    Micro Sana sanitizer has a special environmentally friendly formula that makes it universal. It's not harmful to humans and animals, doesn't leave marks or stains on surfaces and doesn't react with metals. Stable and effective, it kills bacteria, fungi, spores and virus particles. Add 10 ml for each 1 liter of water
    KD 16.000
    Sana Acid Clean 4 litre

    Sana Acid Clean Liquid, 4L

    Sana Acid Clean liquid is a multipurpose top-grade cleaner and brightener. Its low-foaming formula was developed for removing cement, hard water stains and dirt from porcelain surfaces, ceramic tiles and china.
    KD 2.150
    Sana car Shampoo 1 litre

    Sana Biodegradable Car Shampoo, Car Wash Liquid, 1L

    Containing only natural ingredients, this car shampoo is a biodegradable and concentrated super detergent that foams perfectly and absorbs all grease, dirt and oil on the car.
    KD 0.500
    Sana car shampoo 4 litre

    Sana Car Shampoo, Car Wash Liquid, 4L

    Eco-friendly car wash solution! Sana Car Shampoo is a water-based product made for external cleaning of cars, removing dirt, oil, grease. The shampoo is biodegradable, it will not cause any harm to the nature.
    KD 1.250