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    Safety humps or rubber speed bumps for speed limiting within warehouses or industrial spaces

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    Rubber Speed Hump Combo

    Modular Rubber Speed Hump 3 Pcs

    End Section(cm) 100 L × 38 W × 5 H Modular rubber speed humps are a great mechanical obstacle for vehicles to reduce speed. In addition, these can be widely used in parking lots and garages and to protect hose, network lines, power connections. The speed hump has a very high load capacity and can hold all types of motor vehicles without cracking or damage.
    KD 30.000 KD 32.100
    Picture of Rubber Speed Hump - End Section(mm) 190 L × 380 W × 50 H
    Picture of Rubber Speed Hump - Middle Section (mm) 1000 L × 380 W × 50 H