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    Industrial Compactors and Vibrators

    Heavy duty vibration machines and compactors. Roller compactor, plate compactor, concrete vibrators and electric vibration motors from the best brands

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    Picture of Gasoline Compactor 80 kg MODEL SYPC-80

    Gasoline Compactor 80 kg MODEL SYPC-80

    دكاك تربة بنزين كوري الصنع (CH270) محرك كوهلر 208 CC بقدرة 7 حصان بقاعدة قياس 550*420 ملي بقدرة تغطية 23/28 متر بالدقيقة Plate Compactor with Kohler engine gasoline 7 HP (CH270) 208 CC Certified RPM4000 Total weight of 72 kg With a base of 550 * 420 mm With a capacity of 23/28 meters per minute
    KD 280.000
    Picture of TOTAL Compactor Gasoline Plate - 4.0Kw (5.5HP)

    TOTAL Compactor Gasoline Plate - 4.0Kw (5.5HP)

    TOTAL Compactor Gasoline Plate - 4.0Kw (5.5HP)
    KD 192.000
    Picture of TOTAL Vibrator Electric Motor - 1.5Kw (2HP)
    Brand new vibrator poke with a head length of 580 mm

    TOTAL Concrete Poker Vibrator - 30-10mm

    Total Concrete Poker Vibrator is used a construction tool in concrete pouring. Concrete vibrators are used to ensure efficient concrete pouring without air bubbles or air pockets that can affect the strength of the pillars or walls.
    KD 48.000
    Picture of Vibrator Gasoline Concrete - 4.0Kw (5.5HP)
    Flexible vibrator poker with  a hose length of 6 m

    TOTAL Vibrator Poker - 32-12mm

    Total Vibrator Poker - 32-12mm is a high power and high quality essential tool for your concrete work at every construction site.
    KD 48.000
    CARAT BOWL MIXER 1HP Grount epoxy&paint Netherland
    Carat HAND MIXER 1600 W Cement Paint Netherland
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    د.ك.‏48 د.ك.‏600